We are a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher so all of our computers are fully refurbished using the very strict standards set by Microsoft.  First, we remove the hard drive and put it through a wiping process that was designed by the United States Department of Defense, usually referred to simply as a DOD wipe.  Not only does this completely remove the previous users data, but also "re-energizes" the magnets in a hard drive to bring many more years of use with minimal risk of failure.  If even 1 out of the trillions of magnets on a hard drive is incapable of being re-energized then we destroy and recycle the entire hard drive.  Brand new hard drives aren't even tested this excessively but we are happy to provide our customers with the best products we're capable of.  

The next step is for us to verify that all of the hardware components are in good working condition.  Hardware is all of the physical parts, such as the motherboard, fans, disc drive (DVD reader/burner), buttons, hinges, processor, etc.  We even add a wireless adapter if the computer didn't already have one.  This means that even all of our desktop towers are wireless ready.

After all of this we can finally start loading a brand new fresh copy of the operating system, such as Windows 10 or OSX 10.11.  Every computer gets a fresh load for 2 main reasons.  First is because we want to only use cleaned and tested hard drives as explained above and second is so that we know the system software is in perfect condition.  Putting a fresh system load on a computer ensures there's no virus or other unwanted data from a previous owner.  

We don't stop with simply loading the computer either.  We install every update to the operating system to ensure there is no security flaws and we also only install drivers directly from the computer manufacturer to make sure only the most up-to-date and stable drivers are installed.  And then when it seems like we would be done, we put the icing on the cake by installing a software package so you can just take home our computers and start using them immediately.  The included software package includes...

* Windows Security Essentials (renamed Windows Defender and pre-installed on newer systems by Microsoft) - A very effective free anti-virus that we use ourselves in-house.

* Google Chrome - A much safer, free browser alternative to Microsoft Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge.

* LibreOffice - A free office suite alternative to Microsoft Office that can open, edit and even create Microsoft Office document formats without having to pay the exorbitant price tag.  

* Adobe Acrobat Reader (formally simply called Adobe Reader) - A free reader for the very common .pdf formatted documents.

* Java, Flash, Shockwave & Air - Free software needed by many programs and browsers to work properly.

* VLC Media Player - A free video and DVD movie player.

* Apple iTunes - A free digital music player and purchasing platform for paid digital music.

* Mozilla Thunderbird - A free email client alternative to Microsoft Outlook

* Imgburn - A free DVD burning software.

* Skype - A free program for making internet calls and video chats.

* 1-Click Optimizer - A do it yourself free tune-up program.


Although we know that we are selling computers using the absolute best procedures used in the industry, we also prove it by backing up every sale with a 7-7-7 warranty...

* 7 day returns - If within the first 7 days you decide you didn't get the absolute best computer for your money, then bring it back and we will give you a refund.

* 7 week exchanges - If it's still within 7 weeks since your purchase and you're not happy with your choice, then bring it back and we can exchange it for something else.

* 7 month repairs - Sometimes things fail before they should and we have that covered too.  If within 7 months you find a defect with the hardware, then bring it back and we will fix it for free.







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